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Racial Intelligence for law enforcement & public service professionals
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Racial Intelligence for law enforcement & public service professionals

RITE Academy

Classroom Training

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Our Racial Intelligence Officer Wellness Training Public Service Professionals teaches a 3-prong approach:
- Help the Officer: Tools to De-escalate (at work) as well to use personally (at home)
- Improve the Department: Improve Recruiting, Morale, and Accountability
- Build Community Relations: Enhance public trust

Students learn how to use Emotional Intelligence (EI) & Social Intelligence (SI), to improve personal and professional relationships, We teach (6) modules in every RITE Training, from our Leadership to Train-the-Trainer.

(4) Hours - Emotional Intelligence
(4) Hours – Social Intelligence
(4) Hours – Racial Intelligence
Office: 561-444-8704

Additional Location Information:
Intended to be taught by RITE Certified Instructors at their public service place of employment. i.e.: police department, sheriff's office, fire department, academy, training facility
12 hours
25 to 50 students with 1 instructors
Emergency Medical Services, Fire, Law Enforcement
Cultural Competency, De-Escalation, Health & Wellness, Intelligence
Any member may attend this course.

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