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SABRE Aerosol Irritant Projector Instructor Course
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SABRE Aerosol Irritant Projector Instructor Course

Security Equipment Corporation (SABRE)

classroom-course Classroom Training

Course Information

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$90.00 per student

This 2-day (2 x 2.5 hour sessions) Live Virtual Instructor level certification program focuses on deploying, handling, and documenting the use of Aerosol Irritant Projectors (AIP). Medical issues and legal liability will be addressed. This course will enhance the instructor's development in the use and training of AIP tactics and will help departments increase the safety of their officers, students, and subjects. This program addresses proper deployment techniques, available products, the SABRE Contamination Waiver, student voluntary contamination guidelines, proper decontamination, reporting force, and tactics for surviving an AIP attack. This certification is valid for two calendar years from successfully completing this course.
Intro to Aerosol Irritant Projectors & Understanding OC & CS
SABRE Product Info
SABRE Law Enforcement Formulations
SABRE Delivery Systems, Point of Aim, & Minimum Deployment Distances
SABRE Inert Drills
Subject Care
5 hours
10 to 35 students with 1 instructors
Law Enforcement
Crowd Control, Defensive Tactics, Use of Force
Any member may attend this course.

Course Content

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This course is restricted

The training provider published this course with a restriction that requires students to have the following credentials on FirstForward:

With your current credentials, you may not purchase this training.

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